Veteran Journalist

“Communication? There is no more accurate a word to describe
Sally Piri of Arjava Strategic Communication. Sally Piri is communication.
The first impression I had of Sally has over the years remained unchanged, unchallenged. An ebullient personality with a ready smile or laughter, made it difficult for people not to like her. Her joie de vivre, however, does not impair her thorough professionalism, her curiosity and her penchant for continuously learning something new or take on new challenges. As a journalist, she was ideal. Smart, excellent interpersonal skill, curious and equipped with a shrewd analytical mind.  During the years we worked together, I saw her bloom further, constantly testing her own limits, perseverance and endurance, but never losing her jovial approach and attitude.
I have absolute confidence that Sally will excel in any endeavor she chooses to undertake. And communication is just something that comes natural to her. Something one simply cannot disassociate from Sally and also a field where she can only but thrive.”