Public Relations

We help you to build your reputation by telling your great stories that persuade. We have a strong expertise in bridging mutually beneficial relations between organizations and their stakeholders, especially in Southeast Asia.

Media Coaching

Remember, choose your words when dealing with the media! Every word you say will almost certainly appear on the news. We provide training on how to deal with the media, be it one-on-one interview or doorstop interview.

Crisis Communication

Crisis can happen at any time. Nowadays, the crisis can get even worse when it circulates in social media within a split second. The good news is you can plan for the crisis if you know how to manage your response. It is your responsibility to protect your organization.

Event Management

Organizing talk shows and seminars can be one of the avenues not only to convey your key message to members of the public but also to promote your organizations. We can help you to run your show ranging from issue pertaining to technology, lifestyle, business to politics.

Media Relations

It’s not just about sending press releases to various news outlets. It is how we establish good rapport with members of the media as one of our stakeholders. Our strategy is to craft stories that build trust, communicate your story that raises brand awareness and share them.

Media Monitoring

You should know whether your PR campaign works well or turns out otherwise. Does the PR score reach its highest point? How much is the PR value? Do the published articles reflect positive, negative or neutral tone?

Government Relations

We help clients to interact with the government, legislators, and interest groups to discuss regulatory issues and provide lobbying activities.

Social Media Management

Some clients need to connect with audiences through social media platforms. Our dedicated team will help you to convey your messages and further develop the businesses as the media moves faster in the internet era.

Political Consultancy & Campaigns

Our team will provide assistance in lobbying activity, media engagement and event management to familiarize your programs and maintain strong relationship with various stakeholders, including voters in electoral district.

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